It’s a New Season!!

2020 took us through so many changes, challenges and even heartbreak. Not just for us adults, but our kids had to adjust to so much. Having two kids in all star cheer having to end their last season abruptly due to Covid then trying to have a season with limited access and comps took a toll on them emotionally and physically. Whether some gyms had to close their doors or reducing their staff and attendance it was a very crazy time!!!

But thank goodness there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Continue to talk to your kids about their feeling and emotions during this past year. Has their love of the sport changed, if they had to take a year off, how did it affect them? Are they excited to start what looks like a normal cheer season?

Please support your kids no matter what sport, or activity. If they have lost skills or confidence the key is to be their #1 fan!!

Lets make this year amazing!!!

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