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How often should I wash my Boss Chick Cheer and Dance Hair Enhancements ?

Depending on the schedule of competitions/recitals, once a month is optimal.



What is the length of Boss Chick Cheer and Dance Hair Enhancements ?

Enhancements come in 10, 12, and 14 inch. Recital pieces are 3-5 in diameter.



What is the quality of Boss Chick Cheer and Dance Hair Enhancements ?

All hair with the exception of recital buns are made of human hair. Fully washable, and has the ability to be heat curled.



How to choose the right shade of hair extensions?

You want to match your color with the color that is closest to the root of your hair. The ends of your hair become naturally lighter over time, so your closet pigment is towards the root.



How are Boss Chick Cheer and Dance Hair Enhancements different?

Each cheerleader piece is handmade using the best quality of products. Our pieces are easier to install and more comfortable to wear which allows less stress during preparation and minimal discomfort while waiting to perform on the competition floor. Our pieces are also affordable, allowing you the confidence in knowing that your enhancement will last an entire season. 


Does Boss Chick Cheer and Dance Hair Enhancements have a return policy or exchange policy?

All Sales are final with the exception of Boss Chick Hair error. Please make sure that you have the exact color match if ordering online. In person, we will make sure that the correct color is selected for you.



How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Please contact Boss Chick Hair directly.



How long does shipping usually take?

Standard time is 2 to 4 weeks. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. 



How may I contact you?

You may reach out to us on the contact page, and someone will respond to you within 30 mins.



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