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Price Increase Alert!

Due to the rising costs of manufacturing materials, Boss Chick will adjust our prices according to inventory. These prices will take effect on Monday October 10th. Thank you for your continued support and being a BOSS CHICK!!!

Now creating Hair Enhancements for everyday wear!!!!

Why become a Boss Chick?

Whether you're a cheerleader or dancer in a recital, you're number one goal is to own that floor. You're a young lady that is sure of yourself, is bold, brilliant and effective. Your hair is your crown as as a Princess, you display royalty every time you step on that performance floor. Having a quality hair enhancement that exemplifies your beauty and your royalty is a #1 priority.

Be a Boss Chick on and off the performance floor. We have styles that you can wear everyday, to school, work, and special occasions. All pieces are made from 

100% Human Hair and are customer made to your style, color and texture.

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